Jao : Press

"I recently had some surgery on my face and was told to keep the scar and surrounding area moist. Turned out I am allergic to most all products that were recommended except straight Vaseline which I wasn’t all together comfortable using for a long period of time. My daughter had given me some Jao Goe Oil. I tried your product and within a couple of days the swelling was gone and the extreme discoloration was gone. I am so pleased."

- G.C.

"Jao uses only the very best ingredients in their totally original niche brand products. Their creativity is focused on healthy, multi-purpose products. When one product does many things we buy less, and consume less."

- Venus Beauty Boutique

"Why we love Goe Oil: gardenia-infused coconut oil smells positively dreamy"

- the sweet spot

"Keeping lips moisturized during the summer (and winter) months can be quite challenging. What has surely become a favorite in my beauty bag this summer is Lip Jao Lip Balm!"

- Leza’s Makeup Tips, Tricks and Tales